Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lengthy Linky Lists

Hello! So last time we talked about how to get started using pedigree charts. Today I want to address some other ways to get started on family history! I will post links to both free sites, and sites with a membership feature. 

Free to use for both LDS and non LDS persons. Includes family tree feature as well as searching for records on different platforms. For LDS persons includes a temple ordinance section. 

Free to use for constructing a family tree, but they do charge a [monthly or annual] fee to search for records. 

7 day free trial, and then monthly membership- gives access to many different records. 

Has amazing search function, can search for anything! And.... It's free ;) 

Facebook, Telephone, Email- are also great ways to search for family history.

As well as....


Fh-history.blogspot.com ;)


There are even programs you can buy that help with doing your family history!


Here are a whole bunch!

There is a lot of information, I

know. But I hoped to give you a

list that you can refer to if you

have questions on where to go!

With these sites, paired with your pedigree charts... You are so close to starting your own family history. Next week I hope to talk about compiling your Family History!

Once again, feel free to email comments, questions, and suggestions to
fh2history@gmail.com, or comment below :)


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