Wednesday, February 18, 2015

All about DNA, DNA, DNA --- Ancestry



I know who I am. I know I have parents, and I have traits from them. I know my siblings, and know traits I share with them.

My husband was adopted by amazing people at birth, so all his life he didn't know who his traits came from, or where his ancestry was from. Until one day....

My parents discovered Ancestry DNA! (Also known as 23andme) It is an amazing program where you send your spit to a lab and they tell you where you came from! No not babylandia. The countries! And what percentages of each make up YOU :)  For example, I'm 33% Irish. So cool!

An example of what you can find out!

Back to my husband...We have since connected with his birth parents and having that in person information, is amazing. (originally we did this [23andme] to find medical history, which they don't include all of anymore because of the FDA)* But this a great find for those who don't, or even those who do know their history.

Ancestry DNA will also match you with [supposed] relatives that have also taken this (test).

You should definitely take this opportunity, if you are serious about this family history stuff, OR just as curious as me ;)

Please check it out! You will not regret it.


*23andMe provides ancestry-related genetic reports and uninterpreted raw genetic data. We no longer offer our health-related genetic reports. If you are a current customer please go to the health page for more information.

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